Teacher Bios


Jamie Alexander; North Texas

Jamie Alexander has been a student of Concept-Therapy® for almost 40 years and has taught Concept-Therapy classes in San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and Seattle, Washington.  Jamie is currently an officer of the International On-The-Beam Club, the organization of Concept-Therapy students.  He has received all of the awards offered by the Concept-Therapy Institute.  Jamie is currently teaching in Dallas in partnership with Susan Buse.

Professionally, Jamie has a master’s degree and has been working in the corporate world for over 30 years in the area of educational technology marketing.

“I teach Concept-Therapy because I have a desire to share this wonderful course of study that has brought me so much in the way of health, happiness, success and peace of mind.”



B-Well Teaching Team; Central New Jersey

Annemarie and Tom Blackwell have been studying Concept-Therapy since 1998, taking their first class with the FCF Team in Clark, New Jersey.  They completed teachers training in 2008, and started their weekly Beam Club in October 2009.   They held their first class in May 2010 and continue teaching in Central New Jersey.

Concept-Therapy is the foundation for their lives and the lives of their two children.  Seeing the benefit of Concept-Therapy in their lives, Anne and Tom realized that teaching would provide an excellent vehicle to serve life, giving others the opportunity to discover the Principles that Dr. Fleet taught.

“Teaching has enriched our lives greatly, and we look forward to many more years and many more classes.”



Cajun Light Teaching Team; Southeastern Louisiana

Mary Hymel is a Concept-Therapy teacher in Houma, Louisiana.  She took her first Concept-Therapy class in 1996 and has taken all of the coursework offered by the Concept-Therapy Institute.  Mary took Teachers’ Training in 2005 and began assisting The Cajun Light Team in Houma.  She began originating her own classes with the Cajun Light Team in March 2010 and continues teaching with them presently.  She has also given talks at Concept-Therapy’s area Powwows and International On The Beam Club Convention.

In addition to teaching Concept-Therapy, Mary works as a full-time school psychologist in her local school district and is a wife and mother.

“I teach Concept-Therapy because, after years of searching for answers in the areas of healing, personal growth, and transformation, I found a teaching that is so complete and truthful that my head and heart knew it to be the answer to my own issues and questions, as well as the remedy for the problems that face our entire planet at this time.  I want to play my part in leaving this world a better place for my son and generations to come.”


Michel Charbonneau, D.C.; Québec, Canada

Dr. Michel Charbonneau took his first Concept-Therapy class in 1972 and Teachers’ Training class in 1981.  Since then, he has taught all the classes available from the Concept-Therapy Institute including through Cosmic Principles.  His classes are taught mainly in Montréal with some being taught outside the province of Québec.

Dr. Michel graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1974.  He completed post-graduate studies in Chiropractic Sport Sciences and a master’s degree in sciences, and he taught chiropractic at the UQTR (university) in the mid-90s.

“It is known that the human being is subject to and affected by all kinds of emotions.  For some reason, emotions will take hold of one’s mind and then affect that person emotionally and physically.  Concept-Therapy gives anyone, first, the tools to understand the emotion involved and also an understanding of how the emotion sets in the mind.  More specifically, it shows how emotion involves itself with the factors of the personality.  Once the factors of the personality are understood, the individual, with understanding, becomes in control of his or her mind and emotions.  This opens up some peace in one’s life.”

“This is a great work for anyone who seeks perfect health at every level.”


Peter Goldman, D.C.; Northern California

Dr. Pete Goldman first began studying Concept-Therapy in April 1995.  He completed Teachers’ Training in 1998.  Pete has received the Concept-Therapy Institute’s Certificate of Merit and Commendation Award.

Dr. Pete graduated with honors from Brandeis University with a degree in economics before earning a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University.  He has a successful Zone chiropractic practice in San Francisco, California where he regularly adjusts many of the world’s top professional athletes. Patients travel to Dr. Pete from all over the world.

Dr. Pete holds a black belt in Oyama full contact karate and competed in the USA and Europe in the early 1990s. He also holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

“I attribute much of my success to the application of the healing principles taught by Dr. Thurman Fleet.”


Hufford Teaching Team; Western Oklahoma

Dr. Stan Hufford took his first Concept-Therapy Class in 1975 and Teachers’ Training in 1993.  He has received all the awards offered by the Concept-Therapy Institute, including the “0” award.

Dr. Stan is an “Okie” born in Alva, Oklahoma, in 1936.  He was a Navy – Marine Hospital Corpsmen.  He graduated from Logan Chiropractic College in 1962 and has had a successful chiropractic practice since that time. He is a Zone Chiropractor who is loved by his patients, and many consider him to be a miracle worker.

Dr. Stan is a sought-after speaker and teacher around the United States, including teaching in the Texas Chiropractic License Renewal Program.

Dr. Stan says he teaches because, “With teaching comes understanding.”

Lottie Hufford attended her first Concept-Therapy class, taught by the late Dr. Chris Romero, in 1966.  Lottie has received all the awards the Concept-Therapy Institute bestows except the “0,” which she is looking forward to earning.  She took Teachers’ Training at the Aum-Sat-Tat Ranch in June 2007.

Lottie has been a speaker with Dr. Stan in the United States and has been part of several teaching teams in the Oklahoma area.  She is currently teaching with Dr. Stan at their home in Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, and with Scott Plamondon and Dr. Stan in Tulsa.  She has been a speaker at Concept-Therapy International “On-the-Beam” Club Conventions and Powwows at the Ranch.

Lottie is an “Okie” born in Enid, Oklahoma, in 1944. She has been everything from a janitor to a ditch digger, a mechanical technician and drafts-person to a church secretary.  Lottie is excited about being part of Dr. Stan’s chiropractic healing team in their small office in Webbers Falls and totally enjoys her part in helping life.

“I teach Concept-Therapy to help Life, but most of all, to selfishly help myself grow in Consciousness.  By preparing a lesson to teach, I find myself studying the lesson in depth and realize, ‘I am the one I am teaching to.’”


Kenny Teaching Team; Eastern Wisconsin

Dr. Dale Kenny has practiced chiropractic for 54 years.  He has been able to help many through the holistic approach and insight he has gained through the study of Concept-Therapy.

Bonnie Kenny holds a master’s degree in education and has professionally spoken to many organizations and groups nationwide.  She and Dr. Dale are certified Concept-Therapy teachers and have taught Concept-Therapy seminars since 1987.

Dr. Dale and Bonnie team up to offer many perspectives as they teach Concept-Therapy together.  Through using the universal principles of Concept-Therapy, they have been able to turn around many negative and limiting situations in life, health issues, and many other challenges.  These, as well as other examples, are shared in their seminars.  They make the information come alive!

Dr. Dale and Bonnie’s vision is to help others help themselves.  “When the knowledge in Concept-Therapy is gained, each individual can apply it to his/ her life with growing understanding.  In this day, with the many threats and challenges in life, it is still possible to live in peace and harmony with health and prosperity!  This philosophy offers untold benefits for people of any age, religion, or occupation.  Especially important is the understanding it offers to kids in navigating the world CONSTRUCTIVELY and with understanding!”

Lahaie/St-Louis Teaching Team and Dufour/Teasdale Teaching Team; Québec, Canada

The Lahaie/St-Louis and Dufour/Teasdale teaching teams combine their experience in finance, human relations, communication, and health & wellness. This enables them to relate the principles of Concept-Therapy to all aspects of life, encouraging students to embrace new possibilities and reach for their highest potential. Both teams have completed all advanced course work and share a passion for teaching as a means to develop a more profound understanding and application of this Philosophy of Life.

Gilles Lahaie built a 35+ year career in banking, specializing in accounting/finance. He took his first Concept-Therapy class in 1982 and received his teaching certification in 1985. Gilles’ inquisitive mind and sharp logic satisfy any student’s thirst for answers while leaving a little food for thought for the consummate thinker.

Johanne St-Louis was introduced to Concept-Therapy in 2000, completing her teacher certification in 2005. Her style is enriched with intuitive people skills, honed through 30+ years as a financial planner & HR specialist in the banking business.

Marie-Lou Teasdale was introduced to Concept-Therapy in 2000 at age 18, becoming a teacher in 2005. As a massage therapist, she applies the whole being wellness principles of this teaching to help patients and students achieve total health from a structured perspective.

Kathleen Dufour discovered Concept-Therapy in 2001. In her 20+ year career in communications and customer service, she greatly benefited from the profound understanding of people taught in the philosophy. She received her teaching certification in 2011.

Both teams teach in the greater Montreal (Québec) area and will travel to your location to teach a class!

Masche-Loofboro Teaching Team; Southern Wisconsin

Drs. Jack and Jackie Masche have taught Concept-Therapy for many years and are assisted by Jackie’s mom, Gwen Loofboro, who is 93 and still going strong—physically and mentally.

The Masches are in private practice in Greenfield, Wisconsin.  Both doctors graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic.  Their specialty is Health and Wellness based on Dr. Fleet’s Health Zone Analysis and the Laws of our Being.

“We stay healthy for a living and do our best to help others do the same.”

Dr. Conrad Schenk was the instigator for getting both Gwen Loofboro and her late husband, Dr. Vic, into Concept-Therapy and encouraging them to help him teach Concept-Therapy.  They appreciated his encouragement.  Gwen is still in contact with many students who attended the Psychiatric Principles classes the Loofboro Team taught in Canada and the United States.  Twenty-three years of teaching Concept-Therapy on the road really kept them organized, along with running their full time chiropractic office during the week.

Gwen is active in the Milwaukee Beam Club and Pathseeker Club.  Gwen also makes amazing greeting cards.  She definitely has a flair for color and design.

Gwen lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and turns 93 years young this August.  She lives with her daughter, Beverly, and works at the Loofboro Chiropractic Office.

Concept-Therapy and its teaching have been and still are a great part of her life, and she appreciates the wonderful lessons written by Dr. Fleet that will be of benefit for future generations.

Mattox Team; Central Texas, International

Charles W. Mattox, Jr. (Char) was first exposed to Concept-Therapy at 2 years old when his family took some of the first courses offered to laymen, and his family enrolled him in a formal class at 14. At 19, he became the youngest Concept-Therapy teacher to teach consistently (15-40 classes per year).  In 1975, Char was appointed by Dr. Fleet as Coordinator of Instruction for the Concept-Therapy Institute in Southern California.  He served on the Institute’s Board of Directors for over 20 years.

Char married Emily Dill in 1980 and now, nearly 600 classes later, with Emily and others, he is still teaching this “correlation of the wisdom of the ages” to seeking, thinking individuals from all walks of life.

Char’s academic and professional background includes a BA degree in Economics and Business Administration, an MA from Chapman University, and he pursued doctoral study in management at the Claremont Graduate School and the University of Southern California. He taught economics and business at the university level for over 25 years in addition to serving in a variety of university administrative positions.

“I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and have gained a tremendous appreciation for the differences and similarities of peoples from many different cultures. My searching for the core principles common to all people led me directly back to Concept-Therapy’s key principles, which I continue to explore and share in classes. Concept-Therapy’s teaching of a Philosophy or Way of Life is the answer to humanity’s searching for that which can bring health, happiness, success, and peace as a unit. Dr. Thurman Fleet’s work needs to be preserved and heard. That is why I teach.”

Emily Mader Dill Mattox was privileged to start studying Concept-Therapy while in high school. It served her very well as she continued college studies through her Master’s Degree in Education, as her academic studies verified what she was learning through her Concept-Therapy studies. At that time, Emily was also working with Dr. Herbert Dill in his chiropractic office in upstate New York, applying Concept-Therapy principles in healing. She also assisted Dr. Dill in teaching Concept-Therapy in New York State and throughout New England. She took Teachers’ Training at Aum-Sat-Tat Ranch in 1965, immediately after her honeymoon with Dr. Dill.

In 1968, Dr. Dill followed his dream to teach Concept-Therapy full-time, and the couple moved to the CTI Campus where they were asked by Dr. Fleet to teach in the greater Southwest territory. In 1972, Dr. Fleet trained them to teach the first class in Cosmic Principles in March 1973. They continued full-time teaching (23-30 classes/year) until Dr. Dill’s death in 1979.

Emily and Char Mattox married and continued teaching Concept-Therapy, which he had been doing in California and with the Dill Team in the Southwest when possible.  They have two daughters who have been raised at the CTI Campus and are living productive lives of their own following their college degrees.

“I teach Concept-Therapy and all of its affiliated coursework because it is greatly needed in the world. It brings order out of chaos and answers questions for lifelong seekers and those who just want a better, more productive life. It is a tribute to humanity.”

Parisi Teaching Team; Western Pennsylvania and Surrounding States

Dr. Frank Parisi is a Concept-Therapy teacher in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He took his first Concept-Therapy class in January of 1965, and he became a Zone Chiropractor in that same year.  Frank completed Teachers’ Training in 1975 and has been teaching in Pittsburgh and across the country ever since.

Frank still runs his successful chiropractic practice in Pittsburgh.

“Dr. Fleet brought to the world the absolute greatest knowledge.  The aspiring Soul, who takes this knowledge and applies it, can climb from the Pit of Ignorance to the fourth dimensional plane of Cosmic Consciousness.”


Sanders Teaching Team; Central Texas

Buford Sanders teaches Concept-Therapy and Conceptology along with his wife, Peggy. Buford came into Concept-Therapy in 1988 and attended Teachers Training in 1993.  Buford is a retired engineer in communications and currently works in the CTI Information Technology Department. Peggy came into Concept-Therapy in 1977, and attended Teachers Training in 1979. Buford and Peggy became full-time ranch residents in 2003.   Peggy is a retired communications supervisor and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. She does volunteer work with CTI and is a regular speaker at area meetings and conventions.  Peggy lends a hand to “whatever post is vacant in the household of the ‘X’.” In addition, Peggy is in charge of Buford.

Buford and Peggy have received all the awards Concept-Therapy bestows, including the “0” award.

“We teach to share the tools we have received that make our life better.”


Turner Teaching Team; Midwestern U.S.

Rita Turner attended her first Concept-Therapy course in Iowa in 1969 with instructor Leon Turner.  In 1970, Rita was cured of an “incurable” lung disease and severe heart condition, and she has maintained GOOD HEALTH ever since.  She has studied and taught Concept-Therapy for the 43 years since then.

In 1974, Rita married Leon and soon after took the Teachers’ Training and Advanced Teachers’ Training courses.  The Turner Team went on to present hundreds of classes and lectures and attended Teachers’ Training courses along with their students.

Jean Dulany, Rita’s niece and teaching partner, joined Rita in teaching after Leon passed away in 1997.

Concept-Therapy teaches the Laws of the Personality and the Laws of the Universe.  This dynamic teaching brings health instead of illness, abundance instead of poverty, peace and happiness instead of discord and confusion.  It teaches LAWFUL LIVING.


Jean M. Dulany took her first Concept-Therapy class in February 1976.  She completed all of the courses in Concept-Therapy and became a certified teacher in July 1981.  Jean first taught with the Dulany/Mohr Teaching Team, beginning with their first Concept-Therapy class in August 1981.

Jean completed the Teacher Training class again in 1986 with her husband, David D. Dulany, and began teaching with him as the Dulany Teaching Team.  Currently, she teaches with the Turner Teaching Team in Iowa.  The team teaches in the Midwest, but is willing to travel to teach in other areas.

For the past 13 years, Jean has been working at the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center Headquarters in Davenport, Iowa.

“Concept-Therapy has given me an understandable and logical path of progression by defining the Laws of Life to realize growth on all levels of existence.”


Ronald E. Zidian; Ohio and Surrounding States

Ron Zidian “experienced” his first class in Concept-Therapy in 1984 and followed by taking all the classes the Concept-Therapy Institute has to offer.  He took Teachers’ Training in 1987 and, with his belated wife Helene, taught all the Concept-Therapy and Conceptology coursework.  He is still at the center of an active Beam Club and teaches regularly.

Ron earned a master’s degree in Counseling/Personnel and undertook post-graduate studies in philosophy, theology, and psychology.  He was a priest before becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor.

“I can never see myself not studying Concept-Therapy and Conceptology for my personal growth in consciousness and sharing it with others by teaching it.”