Rays of the Dawn


Over the years, many doctors have relied on this book to aid themselves and their patients. But doctors aren’t the only ones who appreciate its depth and timeless relevance. This book attracts legions of other readers. Many wellness programs include Rays of the Dawn in their curriculum. It can be found in substance abuse hospitals, […]

Money Back Guarantee


An important feature of the Concept-Therapy course of instruction is our money-back guarantee: Take the entire live course of instruction, and if you are not completely satisfied with what you have learned, request a refund from the instructor(s) at the end of the class. The entire amount paid for tuition will be refunded to you by the […]

Power That Heals


In a written message to his patients in 1934, Dr. Fleet stated: “On our stationary you will notice the initials B.M.S. inside the links of a chain.  We recognize the fact that man is composed of a body, a mind, and a soul, and either one, two, or all of these may become ill. We […]

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    About Aum-Sat-Tat Ranch

    The meaning of the name “Aum-Sat-Tat” is taken from Hermetic philosophy and is often translated off-the-cuff as “Body, Mind, Soul.”  The actual definitions of each word are as follows: AUM: the First Cause, the Beginning This is the basis of our study—understanding and working with this First Cause. SAT: devotion to the Supreme “Sat” shows a recognition […]