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Concept Therapy

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Discover the time tested truths of how to attain a life of Health, Happiness, Peace, and Prosperity with the Rays of the Dawn audio book download. The Rays of the Dawn teaches healthy living, the four step method of dealing with negative emotions, and how to transfer the negative into the positive side of life. Take advantage of this […]

Where There is a Will There is a Way


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Balanced Meals


Renew, refresh, and rejuvenate body, mind, and soul!  It all starts with our foundations, our bodies.  When we produce health in the body, the rest of our being must be positively affected, creating health throughout our entire being. “You can’t run an engine with sugar in the tank!”  The same is true of toxins, poisons, […]

What IS Concept-Therapy?

Concept Therapy Teaches:

1)    A Philosophy of Life, not a religion, embracing the evolution of consciousness, both human and Divine.

2)    Concept Therapy teaches that a human being is a Composite Personality: Body, Mind, and Soul.

3)    That the Whole Being – Body, Mind, and Soul – must be considered to determine how each affects health and disease.

4)    That illnesses which have their origin in the mind or soul must be removed by mental or spiritual methods just as physical diseases are removed by physical treatment.

5)    That the human brain is comparable to a broadcasting station through which the Mind and the Soul express themselves.

6)    That negative thought produces illness, unhappiness, failure, doubt, despair; and conversely, positive thought produces health, happiness, prosperity, peace.

7)    That one has the power to control one’s own thought world, thus attracting the positive or the negative according to one’s mode of thinking.

8)    That the same Basic Principle underlies all successful systems of healing.  Concept Therapy explains this Principle.

9)    That one must know thyself and understand the personalities of others in order to live in peace and harmony with them and to be able to adapt constructively to one’s environment.

10)   That the entire Universe and all that it contains including Humankind – Body, Mind, and Soul – are governed by Law and that we must live in conformity with these laws to gain the worthwhile things of life.


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    Change Your Concepts

    [jwplayer mediaid=”3189″]           . Patsy Inglet is a native Texan originally from the Houston area, although she lived and worked as a teacher and trainer for 25 years overseas in the Middle East with her engineer/project manager husband, Tom. Patsy has a BS in Biology/Chemistry and an MBA and has been […]